Where does our chocolate come from? Most likely from factories. These factories belong to companies that spend a lot of money on marketing telling us how good the quality of their chocolate is and how carefully it is produced. What we are not told is that many of the cocoa beans that chocolate is made of comes from Côte d’Ivoir. In this small African country the society is very poor so that also children have to work for the benefit of their families. But not only child labour, also child slavery is not an uncommon thing there.

This part of a documentary explaining us the backgrounds of chocolate production is in German. If you do not understand German look for information in your language! Be informed. Act. Because only by doing something we can make this world a better place.

The saddest thing is that in the end of this documentary the journalists offer these hard-working children a piece of chocolate. Even though they work incredible hours picking the cocoa beans they have never tasted chocolate ever before. This is so sad it makes me wanna scream.

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